Inf Gang – Inf Gang Bbq Sessions (2015)

Artist: Inf Gang 
Album: Inf Gang Bbq Sessions
Year: 2015
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Time: 00:20:28
Size: 47 MB

1. Bbq Session #1 (feat. G Mo Skee, Katz, Thoth, Cell, Matley & Nobe Inf Gang)
2. Bbq Session #2 (feat. Jae Harmony, Roman Grimsley, Sb of Unlv, Krypto & Pok’chop)
3. Bbq Session #3 (feat. Nobe, Kuzzn Bank, Katz, Soldier Hard, Roman Grimsley & Moe Green)
4. Bbq Session #4 (feat. Allen Kass, Jae Harmony, Biko, Kevin Maclane & Kuzzn Bank)
5. Bbq Session #5 (feat. G Mo Skee, Cell, Shane Willz, Nobe Inf Gang, Katz & Hopsin)
6. Bbq Session #6 (feat. Kuzzn Bank, Shane Willz, J Deuce, Nobe Inf Gang, Soldier Hard & Katz)
7. Bbq Session #7 (feat. Nobe Inf Gang, Crowda, Jae Harmony, Katz & Kuzzn Bank)
8. Bbq Session #8 (feat. Jack Nastie, Monterfer, Nobe Inf Gang, Panda, Kuzzn Bank, Notrotious, Katz, Thoth & Emoney)



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