The Dynospectrum – The Dynospectrum (20 Year Anniversary Remaster) (Instrumentals) (2018)

Artist: The Dynospectrum
Album:  The Dynospectrum (20 Year Anniversary Remaster) (Instrumentals)
Year: 1998-2018
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Time: 01:29:24
Size: 207 MB

01. You Can Lose Your Mind (Instrumental Remaster)
02. Introspectrum (Instrumental Remaster)
03. Headphone Static (Instrumental Remaster)
04. Permanent On Surfaces (Instrumental Remaster)
05. Breath Of Fresh (Instrumental Remaster)
06. The Winter Moon (Instrumental Remaster)
07. Brief Interlude (Instrumental Remaster)
08. Appearing Live (Instrumental Remaster)
09. Southside Myth (Instrumental Remaster)
10. Traction (Instrumental Remaster)
11. Decompression Chamber (Instrumental Remaster)
12. Evidence Of Things Not Seen (Instrumental Remaster)
13. Superior Friends (Instrumental Remaster)
14. I Wouldn’t Want You To Die Uninformed (Instrumental Remaster)
15. Tenfold (Instrumental Remaster)
16. Anything Is Everything (Instrumental Remaster)
17. Armor (Instrumental Remaster)
18. Exodus (Bonus Track) (Instrumental Remaster)
19. He Who Dies With The Most Toys (Bonus Track) (Instrumental Remaster)
20. Obstacles (Bonus Track) (Instrumental Remaster)



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